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Conquering Kili

Total Money Raised $561,749

2019 Fundraising Goal


Progress to Goal

Football is a game of inches. Hiking Africa’s highest mountain is, too. The Conquering Kili program raises funding for wells while empowering veterans by proving that anything is possible, taken inch by inch.

Every season, Green Beret and former Seattle Seahawk Nate Boyer joins Chris Long in challenging combat veterans and NFL alumni to join them on a new mission: conquering Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Each new Conquering Kili class accepts the challenge to embark for the summit, a walk that represents the miles that many African women journey on a daily basis to fetch water for their families. While training for the climb, each team member works to raise funds and transform communities through the gift of clean water.

Support our military members and players as they continue their commitment to service, and push for the summit.

Climb with us

If you have any questions regarding the application process or the program itself, please contact annemarie@chrislongfoundation.org. If you are a former or current NFL player and are interested in joining the 2019 trip, please reach out to nicole@chrislongfoundation.org for additional details.

Nate Boyer

Former Seattle Seahawk and former active-duty Green Beret Nate Boyer is what many might call a Renaissance Man. A devoted philanthropist and world traveler, his passion for serving others made him the perfect fit for our first Waterboys Superfan — a non-active NFL player who uses his or her platform to provide clean water to East African communities in need.

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2019 Class
Wells Funded: 0
Total Money Raised: $97,526

Our 2019 Conquering Kili class is filled with passionate clean water champions who are actively fundraising to cover the cost of building at least one deep borehole well and cover the cost of their trip.

Help the #ConquerKili crew reach new heights.

Send Beau Allen up Kili

Haloti Ngata

Phil Quintana

David Vobora

Rob Ninkovich

Cortland Finnegan

Jason Van Camp

Nicholas Hurst

Thank you to everyone who joined and supported our 2018 #ConquerKili mission!

Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,341 feet at its highest point.