People Served

Our Water Projects

All of our water projects are focused on achieving three primary goals:

  1. Provide clean water access to communities in need.
  2. Deliver continuous water access for many years through sustainable projects.
  3. Bring smiles, relief and joy to the communities we serve.

Collective Impact

The interactive map below shows the individual project sites where villages and communities now have access to water. Click on the pins to view reports and see exactly where — and how far — your donor funds go.


Individual Impact

Alia’s story is symbolic of many stories we come across during our time in the field. Every year we get the opportunity to personally witness the before and after of how lives are changed when they get access to clean drinking water. Their joy only strengthens us to continue toward our goal of providing clean, sustainable water solutions to communities in need.

A Daily Quest

Alia wants her children to grow up happy and healthy. But daily life in their Tanzanian village is difficult and dangerous.


We have fun doing what matters

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Support a Water Project

Your gift drastically changes the lives of the individuals, families and communities who receive access to clean water. Click below to join the effort; you can even choose if your gift supports international or domestic water projects.