1 Million People

Everyone deserves access to clean water. Our mission is to provide sustainable access to clean drinking water for 1 MILLION people worldwide.

What is Waterboys?

Named for one of the most overlooked but integral positions on any team, Waterboys unites professional athletes and fans in support of a single shared cause: providing clean, accessible drinking water to communities in need.


A Global Challenge

785 million people lack basic drinking-water service.

Women and children shouldn’t have to walk miles to collect dirty water riddled with disease. The most basic but most critical gift of daily access to clean water helps families and communities establish better healthcare, sanitation, and hygiene, creating opportunities for education, economic growth and agricultural prosperity.

Sustainable Solutions

By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.

*Source: World Health Organization

To succeed at providing people with access to clean drinking water without sacrifices, we know we need to look beyond short term water solutions. That’s why we team up with local crews domestically and internationally to provide sustainable water access that communities can rely on.


How access to clean water saves time and impacts lives.

The consequences of water scarcity go far beyond inadequate access to drinking water. Collecting dirty water significantly reduces time and opportunities for many. It takes away educational, economic and agricultural opportunities and introduces health risks that shorten life expectancies for the most vulnerable. When water comes from improved, more accessible, and sustainable sources, people spend less time and effort physically collecting it, meaning they can be productive in other ways.

Why it matters

Water is life. Without access to safe water, individuals are at risk, and communities lack access to opportunities. Water does more than just quench thirst — it promotes equality.

Our Approach

We’ve seen first hand how sustainable water access empowers communities to thrive. Waterboys means getting it done with teamwork. By consistently chipping in wherever we can, big or small, we’ll continue to change lives in a big way.

We're in it together

We're in it together

Alone we can only go so far, together we can do so much more. Our team of athletes, coaches, veterans and fans are able to serve more communities faster giving them desperately needed clean water.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

We don't want to only focus on the water crisis as it stands today. We want to ensure decades from now that people still have access to clean water. All of our water projects are focused on sustainability.

Transparent Execution

Transparent Execution

We team up with local crews to provide sustainable water solutions. Details of every water project are communicated transparently with the entire team of athletes, coaches, veterans, and our fans on our website, social media and through direct communications.


1 in 4 people in the world don’t have access to clean water. We have a long road ahead, but our team of monthly givers are moving us closer to a day when thirst is eradicated worldwide. Be a part of The Wave and give monthly to change lives with access to clean water.

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