Tom Santi

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    Kili Class

    2018 Conquering Kili Class


    Retired NFL Player


    New York City, NY


    Tom Santi met Waterboys founder Chris Long at the University of Virginia where they led the football team together as co-captains. After graduating from UVA in 2008, Tom was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and was part of the 2009 AFC Championship team.

    After retiring from the NFL in 2011, Tom pursued a long-time interest in business by earning his MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. While there, he focused his studies on Economics and Finance. He currently works in financial services in New York City.

    A global traveler and outdoor enthusiast, Tom supports conservation efforts both locally and abroad. In addition, he is an active member in several community organizations in New York, including ACE Programs for the Homeless and the local ASPCA.

    Each new Conquering Kili class accepts the challenge to embark for the summit, a walk that represents the miles that many African women journey on a daily basis to fetch water for their families. While training for the climb, each team member works to raise funds and transform communities through the gift of clean water.

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