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David Rendón — Conquering Kili

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David Rendón is a 10 year US Army Combat Veteran. Rendón was born in Guatemala and came to the United States when he was 6 years old. He deployed to Iraq and Kuwait in 2008-2009 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a Wrecker Operator (Mechanic) and a .50 cal machine gunner. While serving, Rendón conducted more than 15 Combat Logistics Patrols and drove over 12,000 miles in Iraq and Kuwait, conducting convoy recovery operations.

While serving in the California Army National guard, Rendón also served as an Honor Guard team leader where he conducted more than 200 memorial and burial services for Veterans, Active duty, Reserve and National Guard Service members.

David is proud to come from a big military family, whose great uncle, along with 3 other first uncles served in the Guatemalan Army during the civil war. Today, he has 2 cousins serving.