Erin Baskin

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    Kili Class

    2022 Conquering Kili Class


    U.S. Army Veteran


    Yuma, AZ

    Favorite NFL Team

    Green Bay Packers


    Erin enlisted in the Army in 2004 after graduating from high school a semester early. One short year later she found herself on her first deployment to Iraq, working on tactical communications systems. Over the next 5 years, she deployed two more times, each to Afghanistan, before leaving active duty in 2010. Since then, Erin attended school for several years, earning two bachelor’s degrees, and a master’s degree in organizational management while working part-time as a fitness coach. She currently owns Qualified Athletics and Wellness, a company created in honor of her mother who passed from cancer in 2019, to serve her community through the development of lifelong health-focused habits. She only hopes that she can impact lives enough to give them more time with their friends and families.

    Erin has been married to her husband, Wil, an Army veteran of 25+ years, since 2008. They have two energetic and amazing kids, Odin (8) and Aurora (4). She considers herself a recovering distance runner, avid reader, and outdoor enthusiast.

    Each new Conquering Kili class accepts the challenge to embark for the summit, a walk that represents the miles that many African women journey on a daily basis to fetch water for their families. While training for the climb, each team member works to raise funds and transform communities through the gift of clean water.

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