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Send Beau Allen up Mt. Kilimanjaro — Conquering Kili

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About the Group

Listen, Beau Allen is one of my closest friends. Good dude.

He’s also like a giant little brother to me.

Despite taking my advice regularly, he’s refused to listen to me about one thing – climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

I’ve got tons of reasons why this makes good sense:
– We’re doing it to raise awareness for the water crisis.
– We’re raising a bunch of money to build a deep bore well for those in need.
– We continue to provide clean, accessible drinking water to over 210,000 people through our efforts.
– He will have fun.

But Beau is still unsure. The reality is he is scared of that 19,341 ft. mountain. With a little nudging from fans, I think we can get him to overcome his fears. If we raise it, he will climb.

Help me change Beau’s mind!

Our Conquering Kili team is leaving for Tanzania in about 30 days, but I have just 5 DAYS to raise $15k so that Beau climbs this mountain with me.

Donate today, and it’ll be a win-win: We’ll prove to Beau that he should always listen to me and we’ll be providing clean water to those in need.

From me (and Beau), thanks for seeing the BIG picture!


Philadelphia, PA

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Chris Long