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    Laurel Ivory is a senior at the University of Virginia. She is a goalkeeper for the UVA Women’s Soccer Team and has been playing soccer for as long as she can remember. She grew up in Miami, FL but is really a New England girl at heart, where her family now lives. She has traveled the world and experienced some pretty surreal places while playing soccer, which has instilled in her a desire to create an impact on something much greater than herself and her sport. She is currently a Women and Gender Studies Major with the hope that one day she can translate what she’s studying towards enhancing the opportunities for not only women in sports but women in general – which is why she’s so excited to be apart of Water4Her. At the end of this year, she hopes to embark on playing professionally and see more of the world with a ball at her feet.

    WHY water4Her

    • Clean water access strengthens women’s power within their households and community
    • Join a powerful team of female athletes, influencers and fans
    • Access to clean water improves agricultural and pastoral yields, ensuring food security