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World Water Day 2021

Waterboys Team

March 19, 2021

World Water Day has been held every March 22 since 1993 to celebrate water and raise awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without access to safe water. This year’s theme, Water2Me, opens the conversation about what water means to you.

To us, clean water is a source of equality, a solution to broken systems that leave people suffering and limits potential.

Though water is and should be a basic right for everyone, we know there is unequal access – both at home and abroad – that ultimately leads to unequal opportunities.

This is unacceptable.

Clean water must be considered a basic human right that no person lacks.

But yet in 2021, we still live in a world where millions of people wake up every morning unsure where and if they will find water.

Whether it is the risk of spread of infectious diseases, drought that leads to food insecurity, or the inability to access essential services and health care, lack of water access inflicts deep individual and community pain. It is also a significant factor in why we continue to see rampant inequality in educational access, women’s rights and economic development in communities that lack access.

Water access is not just about surviving; it’s ensuring people are thriving.

Water can impact a community in so many ways that sometimes we miss the potential hurdles that come up when clean water access doesn’t exist.

Consider that time spent collecting water impedes students from attending school and furthering their education. Educated community members have better job prospects and a greater capacity to generate income, improving decision-making power in their household and community.

It all starts with clean water.

Join us in our collective effort to ensure the basic human right of water access for everyone and change what water can mean for those we serve.

Give $30 today to help change the water narrative for a family in East Africa.

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