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Waterboys Newsletter NOVEMBER 2019

Waterboys Team

November 16, 2019

Changing My Mindset to Change the Game

As many of you know, I started Waterboys in 2015 with a very focused vision: build 32 wells. These 32 wells stood for the 32 teams in the NFL – the place where I would leverage my platform to put the clean water crisis on a national stage.

Over the years, as athletes, businesses, and fans joined our movement, we gained momentum, and soon, we were celebrating two or three wells funded per month! And the 32 well goal was in reach.

Behind the scenes, as we funded each well, my team and I would receive reports about the communities where wells were being constructed. We’d learn about the number of people using the new well, who it was serving, how many hours and miles were being saved, and how these wells generated other changes within the community.

I poured over these reports learning more about the community-level change these wells brought. We knew the consequences of water

scarcity go far beyond inadequate access to drinking water. But these reports and stories provided me with

a deeper understanding of how our completed projects impact every member of a community and their daily lives. What I learned, and eventuall

At the end of 2017, my mindset had shifted from stats to service.

Shortlyy saw, was that our projects created a future that was no longer limited by the daily burden of water scarcity, and instead created thriving communities filled with hope and promise.

Shortly after that, we hit the 32 well goal, and I adjusted our vision toward a more important measure – serving 1 million people worldwide with the gift of clean water.

Thanks to the compassion and drive of this community of supporters, our projects are providing over 330,000 people with the gift of clean water throughout Tanzania and Kenya.

As the water flows, our wells are:

  • Helping children, especially girls, attend school regularly.
  • Providing families with the time they need to create and sell goods, learn new skills, and partake in other income-generating activities.
  • Creating the opportunity to grow diverse crops, so that families can depend o
    n for their own food.

I’m so grateful that you’ve joined me on this service journey. Together our projects will change the lives of 1 million people.


Chris Long
Waterboys Founder
Super Bowl LI and LII Champion
2018 Walter Payton Man of the Year

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