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This Week In Clean Water: 7/11/2022

Waterboys Team

July 13, 2022

We’re always interested in gaining insight into new developments and policy issues that affect communities’ access to clean water in the US and abroad. Ongoing learning about water-related challenges and solutions helps us more effectively pursue Waterboys’ big, bold goal of bringing clean water to 1 million people.

Here are some things that caught our eye this week:

A boil advisory issued in a Mid-Missouri town shows the importance of a clean water supply

ABC 17 News

After a water boil advisory was given to the city of California during a heat wave, the advisory showed the importance of a safe supply of drinking water in Mid-Missouri. Read the full story here.

New USDA water investment will expand clean water access for Arizona tribes

12 News

An investment of $1.2 million by the USDA will grant tribes in northern Arizona access to clean water from reliable sources. Read the full story here.

This machine looks like a robot from ‘Wall-E,’ but it can turn air into drinking water

Fast Company

Triki is now the CEO of a Tunisian startup called Kumulus. The company has developed a device that mimics the condensation process to convert humidity in the air into drinking water. Read the full story here.

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