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This Week In Clean Water: 5/9/2022

Waterboys Team

May 9, 2022

We’re always interested in gaining insight into new developments and policy issues that affect communities’ access to clean water in the US and abroad. Ongoing learning about water-related challenges and solutions helps us more effectively pursue Waterboys’ big, bold goal of bringing clean water to 1 million people.

Here are some things that caught our eye this week:

This portable device can turn saltwater into drinking water at the touch of a button

Fast Company

MIT researchers have developed a portable, user-friendly device that can turn saltwater into drinking water at the touch of a button. The prototype fits into a regular-size suitcase and can process 1 liter per hour, but when the product is fully developed, it will be able to filter 10 times that amount. Read the full story here.

Groundwater pollution puts drinking water at risk in Eastern Oregon counties


Nitrates seeping through the soil and contaminating the groundwater is a national problem that’s often seen downstream from large agricultural operations and industrial food processors. In Morrow and Umatilla counties in Oregon, where both of those industries play a big role in the economy, widespread groundwater contamination has steadily increased over the last 30 years. Read the full story here.

Many rural towns have neglected drinking water systems for decades

Bridge Michigan

In Michigan, shrinking populations, growing poverty, and diminished state and federal assistance have fueled a crisis of underfunded drinking water infrastructure. Those problems often are compounded by a lack of qualified staff to keep up with water system operations and little to no expertise in applying for grants and loans that could help bolster utility budgets. Read the full story here.

Hometown H2O

The Taylor Family Now Has Safe Water

In rural Caret, Virginia, the quest for safe drinking water can be a daily challenge that many of us may never have to think about. For the Taylor family, this challenge had become a taxing part of their everyday life. Through our HometownH2O program, and project partners Water Well Trust, The Vinyl Institute, Xylem, Goulds […]
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Press Release: First Project with Ross & Squibb Completed

      ST. LOUIS, Jan. 17, 2024 — Lawrenceburg, Indiana-based Ross & Squibb Distillery, in partnership with NFL legend Chris Long and his Foundation’s Waterboys initiative, announced the completion of their combined efforts to bring a lasting source of clean, safe water to a community of 1,600 people in arid southern Kenya. In Summer 2023, a deep borehole well […]
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Hometown H2O

The Dittmans’ Journey to Water Security

In a Parker, Pennsylvania home rich with history, the Dittman family faced an increasingly challenging daily routine. Their household, passed down through generations, drew water from a natural spring on the property. Over the years, this spring, once a consistent source, had become unpredictable. Its flow diminished, especially during the dry seasons, leaving the family […]
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