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The Vital Role of Domestic Wells: Addressing the U.S. Water Crisis

Waterboys Team

June 6, 2023

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering belief that water is a fundamental human right, not a luxury. While Waterboys is perhaps best known for our efforts to provide sustainable water solutions in East Africa, we’re also deeply committed to addressing the water scarcity crisis at home in the United States. Today, we spotlight the U.S. water crisis and the vital role our HometownH2O program plays in advancing water access and security through supporting well projects here at home.


Access to safe drinking water is a concern that impacts an alarming number of households across the U.S., particularly in rural areas. As outlined in Dig Deep’s Closing the Water Gap report, an astonishing 2.2 million American households are deprived of access to safe water and proper sanitation. Compounding factors such as aging water infrastructure, groundwater contamination, and financial barriers further exacerbate this issue, leaving families without a reliable source of water.


This is where domestic wells offer a lifeline. Serving as the backbone of many domestic water systems, these wells are more than just a practical solution—they’re a sustainable means to empower low-income families that lack access to public water systems. Domestic wells provide a reliable source of water for drinking, cooking, sanitation, and other essential uses, bolstering public health and quality of life.


Through our HometownH2O program, Waterboys is committed to the cause of U.S. water security, particularly in the realm of rural water access. We’re dedicated to funding the installation of domestic wells for families in need, thus fostering water access and infrastructure development. Our well projects, spanning seven states with 13 projects to date, have already made significant strides in providing families with lasting access to safe water.


“Waterboys started HometownH2O in 2019 because we understand the United States isn’t exempt from the global water crisis,” said Chris Long. “An important piece of our work at home is supporting water well projects for families in need. We know rural and under-resourced communities in particular lack access to safe drinking water, so we’re lasered in on the problem. We’re increasing water access in the United States by offering lasting solutions.”


However, this is just the beginning. The water crisis in America is a deep-rooted issue demanding ongoing efforts, collaboration, and financial support from donors. As we stay the course of our mission, we invite you to join us in ensuring that every family in the U.S. has access to safe drinking water. Together, we can bridge the water gap and create a future where water security is not a privilege but a right accessible to all.

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