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I obviously heard about Waterboys from my brother, Chris Long. It’s been great to see how passionate he is about helping people, and I’m kind of riding his coattails.

I think Waterboys provides the guys involved with an amazing opportunity to raise money and awareness but also create tangible change. You can watch the progress as the wells go in, and you can see the joy in the faces of the communities they benefit. I may never be in Tanzania, but just knowing that everyone involved in this organization is taking steps to help people that don’t have proper resources gets me fired up.
One unique way that I’m able to contribute is through Twitch. I’ve always played video games and it’s been a great outlet for me, so I decided to turn it into a productive hobby. People subscribe to my channel to watch me game, and we’ve turned it into a charity stream, with all of the proceeds going to Waterboys.

It’s a win-win because I love to play video games, but now I’m helping accomplish something great. My mom said it to me like this: It’s a luxury to be able to help other people out.

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