Myles Garrett

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    Defensive End


    Texas A&M

    Career Highlights Content

    Pro Bowl 2018
    PFWA All-Rookie Team 2017
    Recorded 20.5 career sacks, the most by a Browns player in first two seasons in the NFL
    Texas A&M’s first-ever No. 1 overall selection in program history
    First-Team All-America 2015-16

    Current Team

    Cleveland Browns


    The 2020 NFL season was about more than just football for our NFLWaterboys Captain Myles Garrett. For every sack he made, Myles pledged an incredible $5,000 to the Waterboys mission to provide clean water to communities both at home and abroad.

    In addition to his pledge, Myles asked Browns fans to join him in his fundraising efforts and make pledges of their own. Thanks to Myles’ successful season and the support of Browns fans, $91,408 was raised for NFLWaterboys during the 2020 NFL season through the Tackle Thirst campaign. This equates to over 9,000 individuals who now have access to clean water!

    Thank you to everyone who joined Myles in pledging to tackle thirst!


    Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is the captain of the NFLWaterboys. Now in his third year of serving on the Waterboys team, Myles is leading the roster of active NFL Waterboys in the mission of bringing water to one million people.

    “I am thrilled to be the Waterboys NFL captain and continue my work in ensuring that people have access to safe water. This is my third year involved with the program and I can’t wait to work with my peers around the league, along with fans, to grow Waterboys and build on the momentum that Chris has generated around this important cause.”

    There are so many kids who could grow up to be scholars or athletes. I want them to have the same opportunities to grow and prosper and thrive. I grew up with opportunities in front of me, and I knew that no matter what happened I was going to school, my parents were going to put food on the table, and I was going to have clean water. That’s not always guaranteed”

    -Myles Garrett

    Our unique approach to fundraising unites players and fans behind a shared cause. As official Waterboys, players team up to raise awareness and encourage donations that supply communities in need with clean, accessible drinking water.

    Learn more about the program