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Closer Look: The Power Of Your Dollar

Waterboys Team

January 19, 2021

Clean water is about more than quenching thirst or washing hands. It’s a basic human right that is needed in order to develop and sustain communities and local economies, as well as provide access to education and improved health.

Access to water and sanitation are recognized by the United Nations as human rights, reflecting the fundamental nature of these basics in every person’s life. Lack of access to safe, sufficient and affordable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities has a devastating effect on the health, dignity and prosperity of billions of people, and has significant consequences for the realization of other human rights.

-United Nations

But what does it actually cost to bring clean water access to a person living thousands of miles away, in a place like East Africa?

Less than you may think.

Here at Waterboys, we always say that $8 provides clean water access to 1 person. But what does that really mean? Well for reference, here are a few things that cost in the ballpark of $8:

2 Skinny Vanilla Lattes from Starbucks

About $7.50 without tax

Hulu Premium

$11.99 per month

Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 1/2 lb Double with Cheese Combo


Each of these simple things that we may enjoy throughout our days are just a small part of our routines or lives. Yet incredibly, that same dollar amount also holds the power to create opportunities for individuals living in need thousands of miles away.

Did you know that in developing countries, as much as 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation? Or that women and girls around the world spend 200 million collective hours collecting water each day? Access to clean water means access to education, health and hygiene, agricultural development and economic opportunities. According to the WHO, “Universal access to safe water and sanitation would result in $32 billion in economic benefits each year from reductions in health care costs and increased productivity from reduced illness. Every $1 invested in water and sanitation leads to an economic return between $3 and $34.” That’s why every dollar matters, and every drop counts. Because one drop can start a ripple, and a ripple can turn into a wave.

$8 starts the ripple. The power of your dollar is incredible when you really think about it – forgoing two morning coffees can give a girl in Tanzania the opportunity to get an education and become a leader in her community. So to all of our amazing donors and supporters, we say thank you for helping us bring clean water to communities in need.

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