Making buckets on the court and fighting for clean water access off it.

Waterboys teams up with ballers to tackle thirst.

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Ballin’ for buckets since 2018

Hoops2O unites basketball players, coaches, and communities to raise awareness and educate supporters about the global clean water crisis. Our Hoops2O team knows that clean water access not only saves lives, but it also saves thousands of hours for those we serve. With the gift of time, kids can go to school, women can develop skills and earn income, and communities can sustain agriculture

Hoops2O was founded in 2018 as the third program in the Waterboys family by five professional basketball players, known as the Starting 5.

When we hit the hardwood in 2019 for our second season, University of Virginia’s men’s basketball coach Tony Bennett’s leadership expanded the Hoops2O footprint to basketball coaches at the college level who want to be game-changers and join the Waterboys mission of bringing clean water to 1 million people in need.

To date, Hoops2O has provided clean water to over 70,000 by funding 10 clean water wells.

The Hoops2O game plan is simple – empower Hoops2O coaches and players as clean water ambassadors within their own teams and communities. Together as a team, Hoops2O members will increase clean water awareness and action through grassroots advocacy.

Why Water Matters

Water scarcity limits millions of people in ways you might not imagine.


What does it mean to be a ‘Hoo?

For Coach Tony Bennett, it means being a servant. It means being a game-changer beyond the Lawn by transforming communities through the gift of clean water.

Because of our shared commitment to making the world a better place, Coach Tony Bennett is partnering with Hoops2o to expand the program’s footprint to basketball fans across the NBA and college, all with the goal of bringing clean water to one million people.

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Project Highlight

Hoops2O: Well Site #53

Osinoni Village, Ngorongoro
Well Site #53 is located in Osinoni Village in the Ngorongoro region and was completed in July 2019. The well serves 6,000 Massai villagers and produces 3,000 liters of water an hour.

This is the inaugural Hoops2o well site funded by NBA fans. It has saved the villagers a 3 mile trip to their previous water source, which equates to 616,960 yearly hours saved. The need here is so high Hoops2o funded a second well in this same village to provide water for the new primary school and health center.

Join the Hoops2O team driving to score clean, accessible drinking water for those in need.

Join the Hoops2O lineup in their cause to filling buckets, not just draining them.