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Hometown H2o

Water access is not just an international issue. In many low-income, rural and tribal U.S. communities, the availability of affordable, safe water is not a reality. Hometown H2o focuses on providing clean water to American communities, households, and schools that lack access to this fundamental resource.

What Are Our Goals?

According to data from the American Community Survey, as of 2014, 1.6 million people in the United States reported that they lacked access to one of the following: a toilet, a tub or shower, or running water.

Hometown H2o focuses on two areas to provide long and short-term solutions to the lack of water access in the U.S.:

Fund and drill water wells for low-income households that do not have access to water at home or within a reasonable distance.

Individual wells and small, shared wells are one of the most cost‐effective ways to provide safe drinking water to American homes that don’t have access to safe drinking water. The households most effected are primarily in rural, unincorporated areas or minority communities that may be isolated or difficult to reach.

Ensure students and teachers in rural communities have access to safe drinking water by installing water bottle filling stations and filtration systems in schools and other community-centered places such as libraries, recreation centers, and parks.

In low-income and tribal communities, local water supplies are frequently contaminated with substances such as lead, arsenic, and nitrates, leaving kids especially at risk for health effects. In communities where water does meet federal and state requirements, children often do not use the drinking fountains in schools, parks, and other public places because they are either broken, dirty or unappealing.

When kids are not drinking water, there is a variety of effects that go beyond quenching thirst – kids are more likely to turn to sugary drinks leading to obesity, diabetes, and long-term health effects. Limited access to safe drinking water also affects academic performance. Studies show that maintaining hydration can improve cognitive function as well as contribute to overall health.

By expanding our mission domestically, we are now one step closer to our goal of providing the gift of clean water to one million people worldwide.

Our Benefitting Charities

To accomplish our goals, we are working with two charities to bring clean water to those in need at home.

Corporate Partners

Hometown H2o would not be possible without our partnership with Xylem, a leading global water technology company committed to developing innovative technology solutions to the world’s water challenges.