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With every cause, the father-son bond between Steve and Nate Boyer grows stronger

Steve Boyer is used to his son doing remarkable things. Nate Boyer, 37, was accepted into the Green Berets and later had a stint with the Seattle Seahawks even though he’d never played high school football. Before all that, he spent four years working as a mentor for children diagnosed with autism.

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While he wasn’t visiting the White House, Eagle Chris Long video-chatted with N.J. 7th graders

Outspoken Eagle Chris Long isn’t visiting the White House today. Instead, he told a boy in seventh grade that he is decidedly against pineapple as a pizza topping.

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Plainville ‘splash’ ripples beyond the community

A local author’s campaign to bring clear drinking water to Tanzania was aided by an NFL star on Saturday afternoon in Telford Park during the inaugural Plainville Splash fundraiser.

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Chris Long talks about trip to East Africa

Super Bowl champion Chris Long sat down with CBS19’s Dan Schutte to talk about his recent trip to Africa, and his effort the make the world a better place by giving the gift of clean water.

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