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Eagles’ Chris Long on his charitable giving: ‘Fans can be the backbone of this kind of work’

To those who tell professional athletes to shut their mouths and play ball, Eagles defensive end Chris Long calmly, strongly, persistently — actively — disagrees. The two-time Super Bowl champion, No. 2 overall draft pick, star at the University of Virginia, brother of Bears tackle Kyle, and son of NFL Hall of Famer Howie understands how lucky his life has been. He also knows fame doesn’t last forever: If he’s going to make a change in the world, the best time to do it is now, while others are watching.

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A Player On The World Stage

Each year, class trustees at the University of Virginia develop a list of potential keynote speakers for Valedictory Exercises. In the past, this process has yielded athletes such as Peyton Manning; comedians and actors including Sarah Drew and Stephen Colbert; and the president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

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Former NFL player launches insurance agency in Greenwich

When Patrick Kerney describes his new business venture, his language includes things like “competing at this for years to come.” It is evident that the mindset of Kerney, an 11-season National Football League defensive end, has not changed much in the transition between playing for the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks and becoming an insurance agent.

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Working in the water industry, I see the daily reminders of global water scarcity and I understand how precious this natural resource is. I also get to see the men and women working hard to overcome water issues and to create a sustainable water future for everyone. I get to know the people in the water industry who share my passion and want to do great things in water.

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