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Waterboys brings together NFL players and fans to tackle one mission together: bring life-sustaining well water to East African communities in need. We provide clean, safe and sustainable water access by hiring local crews to drill deep-borehole wells serving up to 7,500 people. At a cost of $45,000 per well, every drop counts.

Now you can get in the action by starting your own fundraising group. Recruit your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and social networks to build a team. Set your group’s fundraising goal, engage your members, create a challenge and have some fun for a good cause!

Feeling competitive? Challenge another group to see who can fundraise the most, the fastest, or who’s the first to catch up to their favorite Waterboy.

No matter what you do, remember that every dollar makes a big difference for someone!

Waterboys Team
Tom Lawrence Everest 2018 Dallas Cowboys
PURE Prosperity Dallas Cowboys
Steve Boyer San Francisco 49ers
Hightpointe Performance Cafe Philadelphia Eagles
Vince Young Tennessee Titans
Justin Wren Philadelphia Eagles
Tony Goins Oakland Raiders
Connor Barwin Los Angeles Rams
Tom Santi Indianapolis Colts
Terrible To-wells Pittsburgh Steelers
Steven Jackson Los Angeles Rams
Maji Boys Minnesota Vikings
Nakul and Naveen Dallas Cowboys
Radioactive Brainiacs First Lego League-Oshkosh Green Bay Packers
H2O Bros New England Patriots
Jon Arnold Oakland Raiders
The Missionaries Oakland Raiders
H20 Mafia New York Jets
A few good men Chicago Bears
Kerry Rock San Francisco 49ers
Elliot Ruiz Philadelphia Eagles
Aquamen Minnesota Vikings
Kiefer Williams - Century 21 Jeffries Lydon Los Angeles Rams
Brendan Malanga with Keller Williams New York Giants
East to East New England Patriots
Ivan Castro Caolina Panthers
LIVE BOLD For Christian Men New Orleans Saints
Pete Quintanilla Seattle Seahawks
Cody Sowa Denver Broncos
Lisa Keys Conquering Kili
Nick Hardwick Los Angeles Chargers
Mark Pattison and Jim Mora Los Angeles Rams
Cory Proctor Dallas Cowboys
Chad Brown Seattle Seahawks
Doc Jacobs Los Angeles Chargers
Kirstie Ennis Los Angeles Rams
Rolling Hills Country Day School New England Patriots

“Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work.” — Vince Lombardi