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Team Schmidty

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About the Group

This group was created by me, Brennan Schmidt, as a way to gather support from my network of friends all over the Charlottesville area. Charlottesville has been my home for a decade now and the sense of community and love for your neighbor is strong in this town.

In this group, I will do my best to gather support from the community I love in order to support Charlottesville's biggest ambassador, Chris Long. Chris has made UVa and Charlottesville proud in many ways. Through this group of supporters, we will help him and the waterboys make meaningful small steps towards the goal of clean water for 1 million people in Tanzania and Africa.

Chris Long is an inspiration and always has been. Even though I was an elder on the UVa football team in 2005, Chris inspired me, and our whole team, with his fierce competitive spirit and his heart for unity within the team. Now it is my turn unite friends in the Charlottesville area to support its most beloved citizen (sorry DMB ;)).


Charlottesville, VA

Group Contact

Brennan Schmidt