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Kirstie Ennis — Conquering Kili

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When she entered the Marine Corps, Sgt. Kirstie Ennis was just 17 years old and already planning on a 20-year-long career in the armed forces. While on active duty, she performed duties as a helicopter doorgunner and airframes mechanic on the helicopters. But six years into her military tenure, during her second tour of duty in Afghanistan, Ennis was forced to medically retire after her helicopter fell from the sky, crashing to the ground, and significantly injuring her. In addition to pouring herself into higher education, and receiving advanced degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration, Ennis found a love of adaptive snowboarding. Today, she splits her time between Aspen, CO and San Diego, CA. Kirstie is on track to compete in the 2018 Paralympics.


Temecula, CA

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Kirstie Ennis