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Crozet Elementary

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In the late fall of 2014, our Crozet Elementary fifth grade team met with the Crozet Community Association to establish a partnership between our students and local businesses to explore how our fifth graders can undertake a project that will make a local IMPACT. We received instant feedback at the meeting concerning the water quality of the creeks that filter into Beaver Creek Reservoir. Currently, our town is growing exponentially and we want to preserve our clean water. Over the last several years, our students have generated advertisements imploring that we protect our waterways. They designed posters, music, podcasts, digital animations, coded games, and even a Minecraft reverse osmosis filtration system, all with the purpose of monitoring local water quality.

This year, our fifth graders are determined to pursue a project that will have transformative benefits for so many less fortunate than themselves. They were distressed to learn that girls their age (and sometimes younger) spend eight (8) hours walking more than 3.5 miles each day to bring clean water to their families, sacrificing their education to do so. These students, who live by the words “You Matter,” asked, “How can Crozet, our ‘little town that could’, make an IMPACT on a global scale?” They know that water is the source of life on our planet and they want to “show what they know.” That is why we want to advance the mission of Waterboys.org to provide sustainable sources of clean, drinkable water in areas of the world deprived of them.


Crozet, VA

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Brandy Garbaccio