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Ensuring Life-Sustaining Water Has An Extended Stay

No one should have to travel for clean drinking water.

That’s why Hersha Hotels and Resorts is inviting hotel guests and NFL fans to join them in supporting the Waterboys mission with the #LetsDoGood initiative.

Let’s Do Good Together

As part of their sustainable hospitality program, EarthView?, Hersha offers a private label water bottle made from 100% recycled plastic exclusively at their hotel properties. For each bottle sold, Hersha will donate $1 to Waterboys to help fund wells worldwide and provide clean drinking water to those in need. The goal is to fund at least one deep borehole well in the next year. With a price tag of $45,000 per well, we need fans to get in on the action today through the #LetsDoGood program.


With the support of their guests, Hersha is making a positive impact around the world through their sustainable hospitality initiative, EarthView®, and its partnership with Waterboys.