The Chris Long Foundation is dedicated to raising funds and awareness to end the water crisis in East Africa, however we recognize there is need here at home. Many communities in the United States also struggle to access safe and reliable water sources. The following organizations work tirelessly to provide relief for domestic communities in need.

Community Foundation of Greater Flint (CFGF)

The CFGF has established a special fund, the Flint Child Health & Development Fund, which is used to aid children with interventions that support positive health outcomes for Flint children.

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Save the Children

Save the Children supports child care providers and families with young children aged 0 to 8, as well as pregnant mothers. They provide access to healthy, nutrient-rich food as well as early childhood development support to help lessen the devastating impact of the lead exposure during early development.

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The United Way of Genesee County (UWGC)

The United Way of Genesee County has set up the Flint Water fund for the purchase of filters, bottled water, emergency support services and prevention efforts. To date, the UWGC has sourced more than 11,000 filter systems, 5,000 replacement filters, and ongoing bottled water allotments to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

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Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope has procured, distributed and donated more than 300 truckloads of bottled water to Flint since January 2016. The organization has partnered with several local churches and food shelters to deliver water and maintain distribution points.

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Navajo Water Project

The Navajo Water Project is a collaboration between Dig Deep, a California-based nonprofit, and the St. Bonaventure Indian Mission and School, a Thoreau-based nonprofit. The goal is to install 200 cistern systems by late 2018 at a cost of about $4,000 per household. Currently, the Native American communities served receive water deliveries by truck. The cistern system will provide running water inside homes, often for the first time ever.

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Running Strong for American Indian Youth

Since 1986, the first priority of Running Strong for American Indian Youth has been getting clean, safe drinking water to Native Americans on Pine Ridge. For many residents of the area, access to potable water remains unattainable. In fall 2015, Running Strong launched a pilot program to provide local families running water by connecting their homes to the Rural Water Supply line.

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