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Waterboys /wɔtəɹ/-/bɔɪz/

  1. noun. (plural)

Waterboys is the premier athlete led initiative to eradicate water scarcity globally. We are a group of professional athletes, coaches and sports fans teaming up to bring life-sustaining drinking water to communities in need. Through our network of engaged athletes and our programs, we will provide the gift of clean water to 1 million people worldwide.

What is a Waterboy Athlete Ambassador?

A current or retired professional athlete that believes everyone deserves access to safe, clean water and wants to use his/her platform to make a meaningful difference for people and communities. As an athlete ambassador you will be the difference in saving more lives and transforming more communities through the life-sustaining gift of clean water.

With You, Our Impact Can Grow:

  1. From currently serving 480,000 people to reaching 1 million people
  2. Working internationally in 4 countries
  3. Working domestically in 8 states
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How Can I make a Difference:

As an athlete ambassador we will ask you to use your reach and celebrity to engage, excite and mobilize your fanbase to join the Waterboys mission. This includes, lending your name and likeness, engaging on social media, taking part in unique and creative fundraising opportunities or other leverageable engagement opportunities.

As a Waterboys athlete, you have the choice.

You’ll be in control of how you make in impact in the following ways.


Your geographic focus


Your impact arena


How you want to engage

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We’re Always Building Our Team

Spanning continents and sports leagues, our programs are making a tangible and measurable difference in people’s lives. Here are a few athletes on our roster:

Every Team Has a Support Crew

We understand and acknowledge that it takes partnership, collaboration, and communication to work effectively with YOU. We commit to the following in order to support each of our athletes and make involvement turn-key.

  • Provide a toolkit to support your engagement
  • Plan and execute the rollout of any campaigns you participate in
  • Manage all donors interactions and reporting
  • Share financial reports of any funds raised by you on Waterboys behalf
  • Manage the contractor relationship with WorldServe International and future benefiting charities during the site identification process and the well construction process
  • Handle all marketing and PR related to Waterboys, including fielding media requests as appropriate, including the athletes where appropriate
  • Pitch and create stories for the media to tell the story of your impact (with the athlete’s approval)
  • Respond on your behalf to all inquiries from fans, businesses and supporters as it relates to Waterboys

We are your one-stop-shop for making a difference in the fight for clean water.

Together as a team, Waterboys athletes help to increase clean water awareness and action through grassroots advocacy. When we work together, our impact is amplified and we’re able to make a measurable difference.



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