Cascade Kropz

We truly believe that a powerful, socially conscious community structure can make this world a better place for all of us.




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Provides water access to 1 person


Provides water access to one household


Saves 35,000 hours of dirty water retrieval


Saves 181,440 miles of dirty jerry can walking


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Cascade Kropz

Join us in raising money and awareness to reach our goal of $56,250 to help our fellow humans in need!

More than 2 million people in the U.S. lack access to running water and basic indoor plumbing. This fundraiser will fund water wells for low-income households that do not have access to water at home or within a reasonable distance. Individual wells and small, shared wells are one of the most cost‐effective ways to provide safe drinking water to American homes that don’t have access to safe drinking water. The households most effected are primarily in rural, unincorporated areas or minority communities that may be isolated or difficult to reach.

This campaign will also support water access across the Navajo Nation to families that have no running water at home. 30% of people on the Navajo Nation don’t have running water, and Indigenous populations are 19x more likely to be living in water poverty than White Americans. We will install Home Water Systems to families living in rural parts of the Navajo Nation that will provide running water and electricity for the first time. Designed by partner DigDeep, the Home Water System provides solar power and 1,200 gallons of clean, hot and cold running water that is replenished monthly through a water trucking system. As part of this focus, we will also provide 275-gallon water tanks to families directly affected by COVID-19 and have no running water at home.