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Waterboy Bio

I started Waterboys because I realized I needed to take advantage of the platform that I have as an NFL player to effect change. Around the same time, I went to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. For me, that experience — seeing the poverty, the deficit in quality of life — gave me clarity about how I wanted to make a difference.

We’’re lucky enough to work with experienced organizations like WorldServe and have a great donor base in NFL fans. When I recruit other Waterboys, I say, “”Hey, this an easy way to make a difference and do something special.”

We have a window of opportunity as players to make a real difference, and we can’’t waste it.”

When I announced my retirement in May of 2019, the momentum of Waterboys and its visibility in the NFL weighed heavily on my mind. I knew my job was to find an active player who not only shares my passion for clean water but will get creative on how to champion NFL Waterboys and accelerate its growth. I’m thrilled to say that Myles Garrett is that active player.

While Myles is holding it down on the field, I see my role expanding in other ways – recruiting new players, speaking to groups and organizations about the power of clean water, advocating with fans who want to see change in the clean water space, and supporting my team in expansion efforts with new leagues.

Suffice it to say, I’m accelerating through retirement.

Let’s do this!

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